For decades, the Burbank Association of REALTORS® (BAOR) has been involved in community work. In 1987, board members Jim Paul, Chuck Boecher, John Kennedy, and Executive Officer Jack Thorpe were having dinner at a C.A.R. convention when the discussion started that the BAOR should have a charitable arm for the Association. It was the suggestion by Jim Paul to create a non-profit that can focus on fundraising for scholarships for our local schools under the BAOR Corporation while giving legitimacy to the donations under the IRS tax code as a registered 501 (c.) 3 corporation

Over the following months, the Community Service Foundation (CSF) was created with full non-profit status. The first fundraising event was an art auction held at the Association Hall, and $500 was raised. Thanks to these founders of the BAOR Community Service Foundation, today, our REALTOR® members contribute thousands of dollars to a wide range of causes and scholarships within the City of Burbank.


Initial Board of Directors (1987):

Chuck Boecher
Joseph Terranova
Mario Iacobellis
Stuart N. Chase
Allen G. Cottriel
Rosemary Forsyth
James S. Paul
Tom Paul
Ronald C. Reeves
Connie Sharp
Margan L. Suycott
Mary L. Vaughn


Founding Officers of BAOR Community Service Foundation:

Jim Paul – President
Chuck Boecher
John Lucas
Joe Terranova
Don Hurst